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Gen Con 2016

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I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be speaking at Gen Con 2016 on a number of exciting panels! Registration is now open, and my schedule is as follows: Thursday, August 4th 11:00 AM: SEM16100232 – Starting Out: Getting Into The Games Industry 1:00 PM: SEM16100200 – Beyond Combat Friday, August 5th 11:00 AM: SEM16100203 – Crossing The Divide Between Tabletop & Digital Saturday, August 6th 11:00 AM: SEM16100237 – Theme & Mechanics, Context is Everything 2:00 PM: SEM16100240 – Working on Licensed Properties Sunday, August 7th 10:00 AM: SEM16100209 –…read more

Breaking In: Part 2

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Getting into the game industry. Part 2. A Call to Action. Welcome to Part Two of my breaking into the game industry series! If you missed Part One, you can find it here. You don’t have to read Part One to understand Part Two, but I’ll be referencing it frequently.  You can expect this article to be less of a personal story and more of a collection of suggestions that you can actually act on to make your journey into the game industry an easier one. 1. Make games. That’s it. Thanks for reading. No, I mean…read more

Breaking In: Part 1

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Getting into the game industry. Part 1. Love it or leave it. Every so often I’m asked by someone how I got into the game industry, and how they can do the same. There are dozens of fantastic articles out there already on this topic, but I figured I’d write up my own experiences anyway. The more info out there, the better. Also, please keep in mind that this article is just my own personal experience and path into the games industry. Your results will vary. This article is Part…read more